Ways to Help

Choose how you would like to support our organization through the options below. To support a specific Wish, please contact us for further details.

The Journey Starts Here

One Time Donation

A Donation is the easiest way to be part of a child’s Wish Journey and support Children’s Wishes programs and services. Your donation will be deducted directly from the banking or credit card account of your choice and is tax-deductible.

Recurring Donation

A Recurring Donation is the most convenient way to be part of a child’s Wish Journey and support Children’s Wishes programs and services. Your scheduled donations will be deducted directly from the banking or credit card account of your choice and are all tax-deductible. Our recurring payment system eliminates associated costs with processing individual donations resulting in more dollars going directly to our kids! You can adjust the frequency and amount of your recurring donation at any time simply by reaching out and contacting us.

Mail Donation

If you prefer to mail in a donation, please download and complete the form and send it to Children’s Wishes with a personal check, money order or credit card information to our office.

Mail Donation Form

Matching Gifts

Find out if your company has a Matching Gift Program to make your donation go farther! Some companies will match employee contributions dollar for dollar up to a yearly limit! For example, if you choose to do a $50 per month recurring donation and your company does a 100% match you will be turning your $600 per year donation into $1200 per year which could pay for airline tickets to Disney! What an exciting way to be a part of our Wish team!

  • If your company will match your gift, please send the completed form with the details of your gift and we will do the rest!
  • Note that some companies will even match retirees and spouses gifts so please inquire and make the most of your gift!

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving helps employees donate to the charities they love via payroll deductions and company sponsored fundraisers.

Payroll Deductions: Please inquire in your Human Resources Department to see how you can direct a payroll deduction to Children’s Wishes!

Working Wishes: Organize an event with your co-workers to adopt a Wish or raise funds to support our Family Programming! Do a Dress Down Day or plan an annual giving week! Be creative and be part of our Wish Team by raising money for our Wish Kids!

In-kind Donation

We are always looking for in-kind donations! Please see our Wish List for suggested donations for our Wish Kids, Family Programming, vacation rentals and timeshares, office needs and events!

Loyalty Points

  • Airline (95% of our Wishes involve airline travel)
  • Hotel

Planned Giving

Planned giving is deferred giving and allows you to share your charitable legacy with our Wish Kids by designating Children’s Wishes as the beneficiary of a bequest in your will, trust or life insurance policy. Please consult your attorney or financial planner for more details on how to give a legacy of love to our Wish Kids through planned giving.

Corporate Sponsorship

Children’s Wishes is mindful of our community impact and works with corporate sponsors to build strategic partnerships to benefit our Wish Kids and the community as a whole. The importance of giving back is seen ten-fold when one witnesses the impact of a Wish on a family. Through strategic corporate alliances Children’s Wishes aims to partner with companies who see the importance of charitable giving in the community and want to have their employees experience the impact of charitable giving through donations, internal fundraisers or paid volunteer time. For its part, Children’s Wishes works with our corporate sponsors to ensure that their experience is impactful by highlighting their sponsorship in coordinated media plans. We have several opportunities through the year.