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How a Journey Begins

Criteria:  Children’s Wishes was formed in 2009 to grant Wishes to Rhode Island children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 18 years of age who are facing a life-threatening medical condition that is malignant, progressive or degenerative. Children’s Wishes strives to make sure that each child who qualifies for a Wish is able to experience the joy of having their Wish come true.

Process:  Children are referred to Children’s Wishes by parents/legal guardians, family members or friends with detailed knowledge of the child’s condition, medical professionals, parent advocates, teachers and social workers.  A referral form is completed and with the parent’s permission the referral information is sent along to the child’s treating physician who will qualify the child based upon the eligibility criteria.  If approved, a team of Wish Granters is assigned and sent out to meet with the Wish child to start the Wish Granting process.  If the child does not qualify for a Wish, they are still eligible to participate in our family programming.

Wish Referral Form